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These are related to the hang tag label news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in hang tag label and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand hang tag label market.
01 - 24
Some topics about hang tag label (1)
Some topics about hang tag label (1)Now the cost of advertising is very high. But every small hang tag label in life is a small mobile advertisement. We will talk about some topics about hanging tag labels.Hangtag label can disperse the inlet of traffic and maximize the value of traffic. To achieve
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11 - 16
What's in garment hang tags? (2)
What's in garment hang tags? (2) We should pay attention to the size of the product and other information in the woven labels for clothing. The qualified Grade refers to the color fastness of the clothes; the higher the Grade, the higher the color fastness of the clothes. Of course, the better the q
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10 - 27
What help can apparel hang tags provide when shopping online?
What help can apparel hang tags provide when shopping online?Now online shopping is becoming more and more developed. You can buy all kinds of goods without leaving home. However, while online shopping is convenient, it also brings some hidden dangers. When shopping in physical stores, you can check
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09 - 30
Advantages of silk screen
Advantages of silk screen We have already introduced what silk screen is. So what are the advantages of silk scree? Screen printing has a wide range of applications. And screen printing can print on flat surfaces and print on curved, spherical, and concave-convex substrates. Screen printing can not
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