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Purpose of Custom Woven Labels

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The original intention of companies to custom woven labels is to prevent people from confusing branded clothing with other branded clothing when buying clothing.

There are many logo names, as follows:

1. Trademark. The popular saying is weaving standard, cloth standard. Mainly used for collars and other decorative places.

2. Wash mark, printed by organic loom. Woven fabrics are woven with yarn. Common materials for machine-printed washing labels include ribbons, tapes, cotton tapes, tear tapes, non-woven fabrics and other materials;

3. Hangtag. Also called cards, cards. Its function is mainly to tell the characteristics of the brand and the composition of the clothing.

4. Weave badges. Also known as a badge, insignia or badge. Badges are very common.

5. Hanging film. Call the wall clock. Common in high-end suits and fashion.

6. Webbing. There are Taiwan wooden woven webbing, reflective webbing, nylon, cotton herringbone belt, etc.

Nowadays, companies are paying more and more attention to clothing culture. Custom woven labels are no longer just for differentiation, empty deodorant bottles but more to spread the company's cultural connotation to people. Therefore, to a large extent, clothing signs have become an expression of intangible assets, which is the cultural essence of the brand. Whether the reputation of the brand is loud or not determines the clothing choice of consumers at any time, so the development of the logo has become a guarantee for the sustainable development of the enterprise.

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