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How to choose the material of the tag when designing the tag

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Which material should I choose for the brand design? The clothing tag design and production materials are mostly paper, but also plastic and metal. With the development of the times, new types of tags made of holographic anti-counterfeiting materials have also been produced. The most common tag design materials are paper, including black cardboard, white cardboard, kraft paper and kraft cardboard.

Most of the paper used for clothing tag design printing is white card, and then double-sided printing and then mounting, some high-end will also use some special paper to produce special effects. Plastic tags are usually PVC. empty deodorant tube

So how to choose the material reasonably when designing the tag?

The material selected for the tag design should be selected according to the characteristics of the garment. For example, some denim products, it is more suitable to use kraft paper and nougat as the material. White kraft paper can be used for tag design of various clothes, and the printing effect is also very good.

If you want to use it as a tag design for jeans, you can choose to use imported cattle cardboard of more than 300 grams, especially American cattle cardboard, because most American cattle cardboard is made of whole wood pulp, the wood pulp texture is clear, and the color looks It goes quaint and can just go with the color of jeans.

Of course, if the positioning of jeans is fashionable, you can choose black card or white kraft paper at this time, which can form a relatively large visual difference and give people a visual impact.

For other clothing, if the positioning is stable and simple, it is more suitable to choose the material of the tag design using the raw wood pulp kraft paper. Children's clothing tag design can use coated paper, printed with colorful patterns.

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