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Printing knowledge of clothing hang tags

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Every industry has its own shining points. Taking clothing hang tags for example, many people think that its production process is very simple. For people who don’t understand hang tags, they really have no concept of these. Let clothing hang tags today. Hang tags manufacturers provide relevant knowledge of popular science tag printing.

Offset printing and silk printing are generally used for tag printing. Offset printing is used when there are rich colors and a lot of text, and silk printing is used for post-processing, such as gold, silver or spot colors.

clothing hang tags

If the tag is pure text or only a trademark, silk printing will be used. Generally, the tag color under this type of printing will not exceed two and all are spot colors. Bump and embossing are two common processes in clothing hang tags, for the aesthetics of the tag. Clothing hang tags generally use 250-400 grams of white cardboard, with a full background color, which saves costs than special colored paper.

Hang tags are generally produced in large quantities, which will make the tag manufacturers want to ship in a short time, they must use mechanical production, the accuracy of the products in the machine printing will be higher, but occasionally there will be accidents. This requires attention and elimination during tag printing to prevent mass losses.

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