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Advantages of silk screen

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We have already introduced what silk screen is. So what are the advantages of silk scree?


Screen printing has a wide range of applications. And screen printing can print on flat surfaces and print on curved, spherical, and concave-convex substrates. Screen printing can not only print on complex objects but also on soft objects without being restricted by the texture of the substrate. Screen printing is not only direct printing, but also indirect printing methods can be used as needed. Screen printing is the most adaptable printing method with a wide range of applications. It is almost unrestricted by conditions.


The ink layer of screen printing is thicker than other printing methods—more three-dimensional, highlighting individuality. And screen printing is not restricted by the machine. But we don't need a large printing area when making hang tag labels, so I don't need to go into details. The materials used in screen printing are also very abundant. All your ideas can be realized by screen printing.


Screen printing is certainly not a perfect technology. Appropriate adjustments can produce better results in practical applications. Friends who want to know more about screen printing and hang tag labels can leave your contact information. As a woven label company, we can give you the most professional answer.

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