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Production Process of Weave Label

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Woven labels 1

Woven labels are trademarks woven by merchants on clothing, mainly to reflect the characteristics of clothing and promote their own brands.

According to the process, woven labels are mainly divided into two types: selvage cloth label, cut edge cloth label.

Woven labels

Selvage cloth label:

Weaving the required trademarks at once according to the width of the label is called a selvage trademark.

This process prevents many defects in trimming, but the yield is relatively low. The selvage cloth is marked with a flat/satin finish, and it is characterized by a soft touch and texture. Suitable for relatively high-end apparel items, such as fashion, suits, etc. Some Japanese manufacturers with stricter product quality use more selvage labels. The woven label is generally used as a satin label, but the background color of the satin is difficult to express. Hot stamping/dyeing and other processes are often used to deal with this problem.

The weaving machine usually uses a wooden shuttle machine, and the color can not exceed four. The crochet machine can be used to weave out the quality of various processes, and even transparent polyester yarn can be added to the warp.

Woven labels 2

Cut edge cloth label:

On a dedicated high-speed machine, it is woven like a woven cloth, empty deodorant containers and then cut into strips according to the width of the target. Due to the heat melting characteristics of polyester, the yarn will stick to each other when cutting, and will not loosen. Also for this reason, the appearance and feel will be affected to a certain extent.

The quality of the label made by a good machine will be much better, and the ultrasonic cutting will be better than the ordinary electric knife. Striped cloth labels can be directly sorted and sent to garment factories for processing.

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