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How are TPU labels printed?

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First, prepare the necessary tools and materials. To print TPU labels, we need to prepare: blank TPU label tape, special carbon tape, professional bar code printer typesetting software, and a suitable bar code machine with a cutting knife.

After the preparatory work is finished, it is necessary to determine the pattern to be printed. If you want to print a pattern with a brand logo, you need at least 300 pixels. Please use professional typesetting software to print two-dimensional code or one-dimensional bar code; otherwise, the drawn bar code may not be recognized. Common patterns are edited by professional bar code printer typesetting software. After editing, it is the printer selection.

The standard printers on the market print on the left, and the center and proper printing need to be prepared or adjusted separately. General label products need to use Center printing to ensure the integrity and center of the content. If not professionals use left printing and suitable printing, it will lead to problems such as incomplete printing. I won't go into too much detail here.

Carbon ribbon is the color consumables of a printer. The color of consumables determines the color of wild patterns and fonts. Generally, the color of the carbon ribbon shall correspond to the color of TPU. The more contrast the color, the higher the visual impact.

After making the above preparations, you can start printing TPU labels. The bar code printer with a cutter can automatically cut labels if the printing volume is substantial. We recommend industrial label printers. We are a professional hang tag manufacturers, which can make various types of personalized hang tags. If you need anything, please contact us. We will contact you in time.

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