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Custom label sticker is also called self-adhesive label, timely sticker, instant sticker, pressure sensitive paper, etc. It is a composite of paper, film or special material as the fabric, coated with adhesive on the back, and coated with silicon base paper as the protective paper. Materials, and processed into finished labels after printing, die-cutting, etc. During application, you only need to peel it off the backing paper and press it lightly to stick to the surface of various substrates. You can also use a labeling machine to automatically label on the production line. Dehui is a professional custom label sticker manufacturer & supplier , with advanced packaging processing and testing equipment, rich experience in product development, and more advanced technology.


There is no need to brush glue, no paste, no need to dip in water, no pollution, save labeling time, wide application range, convenient and fast


Commonly used are drug labels, food labels, wine labels, battery labels, outer box labels, shampoo labels, barcodes, temporary labels for semi-finished products, and so on.

1. Mainly film, mainly used for decorative decals on automobiles and motorcycles, logo text on trademark showcases, reflective film on highways, markings on containers, etc.

2. Based on paper and film, it is divided into basic label and variable information label according to the scope of application.

3. Variable information labeling: batch number, sequence code, bar code, production date, expiration date, price, postal process information processing, distribution, warehouse management, inventory data, etc.

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