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What is a charm woven label?

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There may be some customers who are not very clear about the types and characteristics of labels. As a hangtag manufacturer, we will introduce you to a popular product. This is the charm woven label.

What is a charm woven label? Sometimes referred to as computerized labeling. It is a label sewn on the lining of clothing and handbags. The pattern and text are usually designed by a computer. Therefore, it is also called automatic labeling.

The charm-woven label we provide supports personalized customization services. Let you get a personalized woven label. Highlight your unique personality. As long as you send a picture of your company's logo design, we can give you a custom woven label. Even if you don't know how to design, we have thousands of samples for your reference. We also have our own design team to design the best charm woven label for you.

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