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What's in garment hang tags? (2)

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We should pay attention to the size of the product and other information in the woven labels for clothing. The qualified Grade refers to the color fastness of the clothes; the higher the Grade, the higher the color fastness of the clothes. Of course, the better the quality of clothing, the higher the price. When we buy clothes, it must at least qualify the mark on the hang tag label. Otherwise, the Merchant cannot guarantee the quality of the clothes.

Most countries have divided three levels of ABC for apparel products. Grade A is the most stringent quality requirement. Products that come into direct contact with infants and young children must meet the Grade A standard. Of course, some underwear and panties have also reached the A-level standard. Grade B products are products that can come into direct contact with the skin. Type C products are not in direct contact with the skin or contact with a small area for a short time. For example, coats and overcoats belong to category C products. When the standard Grade on the Apparel Hang Tags of the product you buy cannot meet the required standard, please do not buy it.

The ingredients of clothes generally refer to the main ingredients of clothes, and some hardware accessories and other embellishments are generally not included in the ingredient list. The content of different materials in clothing will affect the feel, elasticity, warmth, pilling, and static electricity. And the prices of different materials are also significantly different. For example, the price of winter cashmere sweaters and wool sweaters of the same style may differ by $100.

The color represents the degree of dyeing of the fabric. Generally speaking, the clothes of infants and young children are in white or light colors. The dyes are not friendly to infants and young children. For adults, colors are more representative of personal preferences.

The washing conditions of clothes are generally related to their technology and raw materials. Different materials and manufacturing processes can accept different washing methods. Here is not only the washing method but also the conditions such as drying and drying. You need to pay special attention to the washing method when buying expensive luxury clothing and down jackets. Otherwise, it will cause damage to clothing and property damage.

The above is the valuable information contained in the clothing hang tags. If you are interested in this, please feel free to contact us. We are professional hang tag manufacturers committed to providing you with the best service.

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