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Custom hang tags for clothing, products, price tags, gifting and special events. custom printed hang tags are perfect for small businesses as retail price tags, sales tags, merchandise tags, clothing hang tags, inventory tags, warning tags and garment hang tags.

Technological characteristics of custom hang tags:

1. UV hang tag

The role of UV is to make the printed paper shiny and effectively protect the surface of the paper. It is a process for treating the surface of the paper after printing.

2. Hot silver hang tag

Bronzing and silver, this kind of tag is very common and fashionable. Specifically, the scientific name of hot stamping is anodized aluminum hot stamping, which is a special printing process.

This kind of printing does not use ink, and uses a certain pressure and temperature to use the template installed on the hot stamping machine to make the paper and hot stamping foil squeeze each other in a short time to transfer the graphics and text on the hot stamping template to the surface of the paper.

3. Bump hang tag

Concave and convex, this kind of craft originated in our country, like bronzing and silver tag, it does not use ink, but also uses pressure to press concave and convex images and patterns on the printed paper.

4. Adhesive hang tag

Glue glue is a paper post-processing process. After the tag is printed, the high-purity epoxy resin is liquefied in a high-temperature environment, and it is attached to the surface of the tag to form various patterns.

5. Flocking hang tag

Flocking, this process is a bit complicated. To put it simply, the process is to use the physical characteristics of the same charge to repel the opposite sex to attract the fluff to the surface of the paper coated with adhesive.

Custom hang tags are an easy and affordable way to add your own unique branding (and style) to almost any product. Although the custom hang tag is small, it is a link between the fashion itself and consumers. It is an inevitable product of modern fashion culture and has a positive effect on improving and protecting the reputation of clothing companies and promoting products. Dehui is a professional custom clothing hang tags manufacturer & supplier in China, it has more than 10 years of manufacturing experience, high quality, reasonable price, welcome to customize.

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