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what is clothing hang tag?

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what is clothing hang tag?

In today's life, almost every piece of clothing we buy has a clothing hang tag. So what is this clothing hang tag and what is its function?

Clothing tag is a brand hanging on all kinds of clothing, including some clothing material, washing notes and other information. From the perspective of 

texture, most of the production of tag is paper, plastic, metal. In addition, there have been new types of tags using holographic anti-counterfeiting materials, 

and from the point of view of its shape is a variety of, there are long, folded, round, triangle, inserted bags and other special shape.

The bearing functions of clothing tags are as follows:

1. Anti-counterfeiting, now many brands of fake and inferior products, so a tag is used to identify the authenticity of clothing.

2. Brand image: Whether a tag is good or bad, beautiful or not, directly represents the image of the brand, so many larger brands will use better materials to 

make the tag, and make more beautiful tag.

3. Price: Many tags are marked with a uniform retail price, which is for the convenience of customers to know the price of the product. In addition, it is to 

prevent someone from raising the price by taking advantage of customers' ignorance of the real price of the product, thus causing damage to the brand 


4. Water label washing: The function of water label washing is to highlight some product parameters and matters needing attention, such as the fabric, 

material composition, how to maintain the product, whether the color fades, etc.

5. Various certification information: Many people do not know whether the quality of clothes is qualified or not when they buy clothes. Therefore, various 

certification information is usually printed on the clothing tags to reassure customers and make them feel at ease.

Thank you for your attention. Today, I will bring you a little knowledge of clothing tag. Next news will talk about the material classification of clothing tag.

clothing hang tag

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