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The uniqueness of the TPU label

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TPU label is a new material label. He is different from the previous paper labels and woven labels; it is a more distinctive label. Paper labels will be destroyed by folding and flooding, and machine-made labels will be out of date. At this time, businesses urgently need a brand-new label to provide products with unique features. Then TPU label is your best choice.


TPU label is a transparent plastic sheet; of course, you can also fill it with colors according to your ideas. It is thin and soft. This does not affect its durability. Repeated bending and folding will not damage it. Since he is transparent, you can design various patterns for him. For example, different patterns are printed on the front and back, and a brand new pattern is formed after overlapping. This sounds cool, doesn't it? It also supports capturing precise printing details, small texts, and complex logos in product introductions, and TPU labels can all be restored. Because Hot pressing TPU uses a hot pressing process, its patterns and text are enduring.


Of course, I keep an attractive TPU label as a bookmark, which recognizes artistic design. Who doesn't want to have such a futuristic bookmark? If you are also interested in the TPU label, you can leave our contact information, and we will contact you in time.Hurry up and design your personalized hang tags.

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