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What help can apparel hang tags provide when shopping online?

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Now online shopping is becoming more and more developed. You can buy all kinds of goods without leaving home. However, while online shopping is convenient, it also brings some hidden dangers. When shopping in physical stores, you can check the quality, size, material, and so on. But online shopping can only click on the photos released by the seller. This is a disturbing shopping experience. Today we will give you some suggestions. Maybe you can avoid some trouble next time you shop.

This method is to collect information from the apparel hang tags. Maybe many people know to read some simple information on the label, such as size, composition, brand, etc. But the information contained in the label is far more than that. Today we will systematically introduce you to how to get valuable information from the label.

Skin exposure level label. This needs our first attention, especially when buying products for people with sensitive skin and infants. Skin exposure levels vary slightly from country to country. But on the whole, they are divided into three categories.

Class A is the highest classification. The main products are infant clothing products and underwear. This product has the most stringent quality testing, and the quality is generally on the high side. When you buy clothes or underwear for infants and young children, you see the label of class B or qualified products. Please repeatedly confirm with the store whether the product is suitable for infants and close-fitting.

Class B is a product that can be contacted directly. General clothes, trousers, bed sheets, towels, etc., are included in this category. Class C is an extension that does not come into direct contact with human skin. Mainly coats, sweaters, curtains, etc.

The above is the classification information that the hang tag label can provide you when purchasing textiles online. Please buy according to your own needs. We are professional woven label manufacturers. If you have any questions, you can contact us. We'll give you an answer in time.

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