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Custom wash care labels are used in the clothing industry. The role of clothing care labels is to provide guidance on the best cleaning procedures for the use of clothing and caregivers to maintain the good appearance and fit of the clothing. As a professional custom care label manufacturer in China, Dehui helps customers to print or print some parameters of how to wash clothing. There are many kinds of materials for custom care labels for clothing. The common one is white ordinary trademark bands, also called tapes. The post-production process is generally Various parameters are printed on a cloth labeling machine and cut into finished products. Applicable to the clothing industry, tag labels, wash labels, special package labels, clothing fabric labels, low-carbon labels, etc.


1. It is resistant to dry cleaning and washing, steaming and scalding.

2. Fast chroma, clear writing, scratch resistance, good color saturation.

3. Good toughness and difficult to tear. It is not afraid of ordinary twisting, tearing, washing and stirring, and it is widely used.


1. Garment care labels are also called cloth wash care labels. The main components are nylon and nylon. The surface is coated. According to different needs, it can be divided into direct printing and printable types. With special water-washed ribbons, it has good waterproof performance and high density. , Can not tear.

2. Wash care labels are widely used, and can print or print all kinds of product information, such as brand, style number, size, size, product composition, washing symbol, washing precautions, manufacturer information, etc., which are widely used in clothing, shoes and hats, Luggage, home textiles, plush toys, car interiors and other industries.

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