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Fabric knowledge about the classification of woven, knitted fabrics (knitted fabrics)

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Whether in the past or the present, knitted fabric is a popular prevention fabric. This type of material is often related to casual clothing, so the Clothing Hand Tags we make for casual clothing will also use similar materials to achieve the purpose of consistent style.


Weft knitted fabric


Padded fabric: Fully added horizontal yarn stripe

Flannel: embossed fleece, jacquard fleece, printed fleece, fine flannel, thin flannel, thick flannel


Terry fabric: single-sided terry cloth, double-sided terry cloth, jacquard terry cloth, jacquard checkered terry cloth

Velvet fabric

Ribbed fabric: Swiss-style ribs, French-style ribs, cotton wool cloth, needled cotton wool cloth, waffle

Piqué mesh cloth fish scale cloth cotton wool cloth

Color knitted fabric: stretch pineapple cloth, houndstooth jacquard cloth



Warp knitted fabric

Polyester warp knitting: Warp knitting golden velvet velveteen warp knitting pile fabric fine knitting mesh cloth

Warp-knitted velvet fabric: Warp-knitted corduroy, warp-knitted velvet, warp-knitted looped fabric, warp-knitted jacquard fabric


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