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What is the difference between a flat woven label and a satin woven label?

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The woven label and printed labe. They are one of the indispensable elements in clothing accessories. and their uses are also very extensive. According to the process classification, trademarks can divid into two types. Flat labels and satin labels:

Plane cloth label. The cloth label has a cloth structure, which interlaced with one warp, one weft. And called a simple plane mark. Generally, the warp yarns fixed, or black, or white. So there are black flat and white flat, light-colored background color code. Generally white flat, dark people generally use black flat. The pattern and color of the cloth label expressed weft yarns. And the colors expressed should be different. And different from the effect of warp yarn crossing. Since the general machine has restrictions on the type of weft yarn used. The colors that can expressed are also limited, generally within 8 types. From the above, the price factors include: the width of the label. That is, the amount of warp yarn used; the length of the label, and the length of each color in the warp direction. To express richer details and colors. We double the weft yarns and call them double-sided labels. If a certain color needs to have a more three-dimensional effect. Add a heavy yarn, which called a heavy shuttle. Besides washing and sizing, most of them use flat double-sided labels. Cloth labels made of yarn to express patterns. Which must be different from the original graphic design. So it is impossible to make large goods without making a sample.

Satin cloth label: Cloths interlaced with warp and weft. Besides,doubling the weft to improve the quality, it is also doubled by the warp. By doubling the warp, the texture of the label becomes soft and smooth. Because the warp yarn doubles, the density is too large, the weft yarn cannot express the pattern well. And the bottom color cannot made very flexible. Only certain post-process color requirements can revealed. Whether a machine is set to be flat or satin is generally fixed. The width of the trimmed satin cannot exceed 10.8CM, and the weaving edge generally does not exceed 5.0CM.

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