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What are the production processes of embroidery?

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A gorgeous embroidery product often requires many procedures to complete. So do you know these processes? Today, Xiaoxiang Xinbian will show you the processes in the embroidery production process.

First production:

 (1) raw material finishing,

 (2) weaving, and (3) quality inspection.

Two dyeing and finishing:

 (1) germ cloth into the warehouse

 (2) dyeing 

(3) stereotypes

Three packages: 

(1) quantity, generally yards as the measurement standard .

 (2) quality inspection again . 

(3) embroidery lace fabrics rolled , embroidery laces trimmed first and then rolled.

 (4) packed and shipped

Embroidery production process: first use CAD software to make a plate. After generating a template, put the disc containing the embroidery program . And the pattern into the computer's disk drive. Under program control. the computer changes the pattern coordinate . It values to the frame X . The electric signals withequalt displacements in the Y and Y directions. Sent to X, Y, and Z for single motor lifting. And speed processing, and then output three-phase and six-beat numbers. The power amplifier box of the line motor use for power amplification. Drive the stretch frame to complete the feeding motion between X and Y . At the same time drive the Z stepper motor, with the needle moving up and down, so that the embroidery continues.

Another stepper motor drives the head transmission mechanism to rotate . Through a synchronous toothed belt. The specific mechanism of the head makes the lead mechanism . And the needle take the lead to make the upper and lower movements and pierce the fabric. The hook in the hook thread mechanism rotates. Make the upper thread bypass the bobbin case with the bottom thread hidden. The thread take-up mechanism moves, conveys the upper thread, tightens the stitches. And prepares the upper thread segment of the next stitch. The X and Y stepping motors drive the silk frame and fabric for plane motion. Through synchronous toothed belts and other mechanisms. Each stitch point on the fabric sent to the needle for embroidery. The speed of the needle's up and down movement coordinated with the direction. Amount and speed of the frame movement. So that the upper and lower threads twisted. Make a double-lock stitch. When you like to go ony, complete the pattern of computer embroidery.

The above is the entire production process of computer embroidery!

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