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How to distinguish woven label and silk screen label?

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How to distinguish woven label and silk screen label? Using screen printing is more flexible than the use of woven label. It can use for paper tag, cloth labels, ribbon printed labels, PVC material, such as glass. Trademark clothing often used woven label , India label ,  silk label. We can often see that when we buy clothes. Trademarks often use in two materials with colore label and printed label . It usually made of woven label and printed label with different characteristics. let's looking at how the difference between mark trademark weaving and silk ?

Woven Mark:

The principle of making woven reeds is the same as that of woven fabrics. The woven reed trademarks are all yarns to express patterns. The weaving is different from the original graphic design. So it is impossible to make a large product without making a sample. Besides the width of the label, the total length of each color, and the process, there is also the type of yarn used. JB series yarns use more .

Silk label:

The silk label prints on cloth according to the principle of printing. The silk label looks more beautiful than the woven label . And the surface is more delicate and smooth. It is generally used for high-end clothing label. It is more suitable for high-quality large-volume paper printing. Silk screen printing is a very flexible processing technology. Features: Low cost of plate making. Suitable for printing on any medium: paper, plastic, PVC material, cloth, glass, etc.

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