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The shape of the clothing tag can be diversified

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Although the clothing tag is small, it is a link between the product and the consumer. A well-made clothing tag can bring good market response, earn a reputation for the enterprise, and then play a positive role in product sales. Therefore, the production of the tag is very important, and choosing the appropriate printing and post-processing equipment can complete the tag production task with less effort and fully maximize the production efficiency of the enterprise. Therefore, in the process of making clothing tags, we need to pay more attention to details.

In general, there are 4 types of 4 * 9 cm, 9 * 9 cm, and so on. Of course, there are some companies that design their tags in order to highlight their personality. They are round, oval, and star In addition, there are irregular graphics. In short, a variety of sizes have been carefully promoted for the company. The exquisite personality of the clothing tag also makes the product look more high-end.

Several factors affecting the quality of clothing tags

1.Electrical separation, scanning, and plate making factors;

2. The factors of accuracy of printing equipment, printing rules, printing pressure and water-ink balance;

3, paper factors, ink factors;

4. The factors of the printing environment mainly refer to the changes in temperature and humidity;

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