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Types of clothing tags

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A custom clothing hang tags, also called a tag, is a distinguishing symbol designed by confusing the clothing brand's clothing with other clothing brand clothing. Now, with the company attaching importance to clothing culture, clothing tags are no longer just for the sake of distinction, but more to take into account the cultural connotation of the company to people. So to a large extent, clothing tags have become an expression of intangible assets, a cultural essence display platform for clothing tags.

The clothing tags are mainly divided into the following 5 categories according to their uses:

Logo tag: Used in conjunction with the brand logo, the color and composition are also unified.

Ingredient tag: When the trademark is difficult to express, it can introduce the relevant situation of the product in detail and promote the purchase behavior.

Instruction for use tag: explain function and maintenance precautions. Proof tag: reflects the quality of the product and introduces the credibility of the product.

Sales tag: indicate the product number, specifications, price, etc., for reference when buying.

According to the material, it mainly includes black cardboard, white cardboard, coated paper, PVC, sulfuric acid paper and other types.

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