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Cross-border E-commerce MAX | Packaging skills that cross-border e-commerce sellers must know

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Cross-border e-commerce product operation is the core, logistics and after-sales service is the fundamental, picture optimization is the main place that many sellers pay attention to, product improvement and micro innovation is the last two years we have been working hard to do, many friends may ignore the importance of product packaging.

Good product packaging will often affect the customer's evaluation of the product, making it stand out from many competing products, and it is also a way to reduce the transportation cost of the product.Today Max shares some practical packaging tips with you!

1 Appropriate box size

Oversized boxes result in higher freight costs and waste of stuffing.A box of the right size can reduce collisions between items and boxes.Pick the right boxes and try different ways to pack your goods.

2. Use recycled material encapsulation

Most people have the habit of re-using cartons, but never use cartons with cracks.Once there is a crack, the bearing strength of the carton will be reduced by 70%.

Choose good quality packaging material

Compared to polystyrene, which can only withstand a single impact, polyethylene and polyurethane materials have a relatively high strength.Fragile goods must be packed with polystyrene filled particles or bubble wrap.Double packaging is used when necessary.The cases must be marked "Fragile" on the outside.

Gift-wrapping and holiday sales

For birthdays, anniversaries or special holidays like Christmas, merchants should pay more attention to the delivery of goods on time, but also pay more attention to the quality of goods when they receive the goods must be in good condition.

Packing of high-priced goods

You don't want to send out an expensive item that gets lost on the way.So use boxes that are at least 7x4x4 to send expensive jewelry, etc.Boxes that are too small are easy to be misplaced or forgotten during transportation.

6. Adapt to a variety of packaging environment

You must design your own experiment to test your packaging under any possible harsh conditions, such as temperature differences and humidity conditions, to see if it meets these conditions.Make sure it's well packed and waterproof.

7. Double-check the address

The address label is affixed to the outer layer of the carton, and the second packing slip is to be placed in the inner carton with the goods.It is better to put a clear return address on the outer case.The address should be able to attach to or write directly on the outer box.It is better to write with an oily pen.

Other Points to Note

1 Some of the packaging will expose the product, such as pillows or real fabric goods, baby and children's products, it must be tightly wrapped in plastic bags, to ensure that the process of transportation will not be stained with dust.After the packaging is completed, it must be sure that its barcode can be brushed, if not, it must be labeled separately

Fragile items need to be carefully protected, such as bubble wrap.Pack tightly to make sure it doesn't bounce around in transit.The barcode must be visible without being taken apart.Do impact tests.

3 liquid products bottle mouth must have two layers of sealing, if not to use plastic packaging.

Everything must be wrapped up separately.Packs with seals, such as boxes of biscuits, also undergo impact tests.Sharp objects like knives don't show the sharp parts.Very small products must be individually packed.If it is a group sale, it must be clearly marked as a group sale!

5. Whatever the package, make sure its label can be scanned.

6. For products that will expire, the expiry date must be printed on the visible place. For products that need to be wrapped in bubble cloth, two new labels, one barcode and one expiry date, must be affiXED.

7. If you reuse the previous carton, you must tear off or cover all the original barcodes on it to make sure that there is only one barcode on it. Same principle as above.

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