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You Must Look At The Clothing Hang Tags First When Buying Clothes

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When shopping for clothes, don’t you know if you pay attention to the clothing hang tags? Don't ignore it, it can give us a lot of information, let us know whether this dress is worth buying, and whether it is harmful to our health. Dongchen is a professional clothing hang tag manufacturer, Come and learn with Dongchen!

clothing hang tags

Look at the level mark

Class A: It can be worn by infants and children under 2 years old;

Category B: products that can contact the skin;

Category C: Products that cannot directly touch the skin.

ps: If you find category C or "qualified products" on the underwear, don't buy it.

Look at the size mark

If S/M/L is used to express the size, it does not meet the standard. Such a product can only tell us that its manufacturers are not careful, and the quality is difficult to trust. The compliance mark is to use the number type mark, such as "175/88A". The two numbers indicate height and chest and waist circumference respectively, and the English letters at the back indicate body shape. In China, A means "normal", B means "fat", C means "fat", and Y means "skinny".

Look at washing signs

There is another way to buy clothes: look at the order of washing signs. The washing mark must be marked in the correct order of washing and drying. If the order is disordered, it means that the manufacturer is not formal.

Washing sign

The basic washing symbol, it can have some changes, such as inserting a hand to indicate that it can be washed by hand, and marking a temperature of 30°C to indicate that the water temperature must be controlled below this temperature.

It is recommended to choose light-colored clothing

Try to avoid buying underwear that is too dark, such as navy, black, red, purple and other colors. The darker the color, the greater your chance of exposure to harmful substances in dyes.

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