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Why Do Clothes Have To Have Clothing Hang Tags?

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There are clothing hang tags in the clothes I buy now, so why do clothes have to have tags?

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The standard stipulated by the state is that clothing labels must be able to permanently store information, so that consumers can consult the washing water label and intuitively understand the size of the clothing. The washing label is also a quality inspection standard. When clothing manufacturers are making, they can also distinguish sizes more conveniently and make production faster.

Custom clothing hang tags have another important role for brands, the retention of brand information, the embodiment of brand premium, and the most important thing is anti-counterfeiting! Brand anti-counterfeiting labels are an important way to verify the authenticity of products. If there is no anti-counterfeiting label, counterfeit goods will become more widespread.

Each type of clothing will have its own related custom clothing hang tags, so when buying clothes, remember to check the clothing tags and choose the clothes that suit you.

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