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Why Choose DeHui?

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Dongguan Dehui Packaging Products Co., Ltd. is a professional clothing hang tag manufacturer integrating design, development, and manufacturing. It has the world’s most advanced imported computer weaving equipment and brand-new management concepts. It is the most vigorous and powerful among domestic counterparts. Developing enterprises.

1. Brand partners, reliable samples and shipments

Dehui has advanced trademark manufacturing machinery, focusing on the design, development and production of woven label trademarks, embroidery, tag and other products of various clothing, shoes and hats, and specializes in the production of woven label ribbons, trademark tags, anti-counterfeit trademarks, etc. Clothing accessories. It is the first choice of many brand-name clothing companies in the world, and the products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, etc.

2. Imported equipment

Dehui has more than 70 imported large-scale production equipment. With continuous optimization of production procedures and processes, fast shipping capabilities.

3. Extreme workmanship

To provide customers with the most perfect customized accessories, exacting details; whether it is a hanging pellet, a webbing, or a piece of embroidery, it will be strictly checked to ensure that the pieces are all fine products.

4. Quality service

With perfect pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services, Dehui creates outstanding woven label LOGO and related accessories products for global apparel manufacturers.

Dehui Packing not only a professional manufacturer,but also a specialist on exporting service since it's establishment on 2010. The
products we prize is the combination
of quality and design.



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