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What should be paid attention to on the clothing tag?

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For different products used by clothing hang tags, clothing tags have different requirements. Points to note on the tag:

First, the use of clothing tags depends largely on its material. On the material of the cloth, the usage ratio of these materials will appear on the material information of the tag. For example, we often see 100% cotton, 80% cotton, 20% polyester, etc.

The second is the name of the product on the custom clothing hang tags. The product name on the tag refers to the text or symbol that can indicate that the product is really an attribute. The state has strict requirements on the product information of the tag. The product name must comply with national standards and industry standards. The product name on the tag must comply with national standards and industry standards. If there is no clear stipulation in national standards or industry standards, product names that do not cause consumer misunderstanding or confusion must be adopted. Otherwise, such tags will be infringing acts or infringement intentions. Third, it is how to use the product on the tag. The method of using the clothing tag generally refers to the washing information for this tag. Then the washing information is also explained by special symbols and text. The product must be designed to meet the specifications of the tag information.

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