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What's in garment hang tags? (1)

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After many customers purchase clothing, they will directly subtract the garment hangtags and discard them. But there is a lot of important information on the garment hang tags. If we do not carefully read and obtain the information provided by the garment hangtags, it may cause damage to the product. As the goods are damaged due to artificial reasons, most businesses have the right to refuse to return or exchange the goods. Therefore, carefully obtaining the information provided by the Garment Hang Tags can reduce our losses.

So what information is there on the hangtag label? No matter what type of hang tag label, it contains the following information about the product: qualified level, size, safety level, ingredients, color number, washing conditions.

What customers are most concerned about is whether the size suits them. But the size is not a simple three sizes of large, medium, and trim. For example, there are particular sizes for suits that require a higher degree of fit. In the woven labels for clothing of suits, in addition to the simple three basic sizes of large, medium, and small, there are also size information such as shoulder width, arm length, chest circumference, and waist circumference. If you do not read this information carefully, buying clothes may not achieve the desired results.

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