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What Is Weave Label?

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Woven label

Woven label refers to a cloth label that is woven on clothes and pants and contains text, letters, and LOGO patterns. The woven label is woven on the woven label machine with fixed warp yarns, and the weft yarn is used to express words, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional logos, color combinations, etc. It has high-end, strong, bright lines, soft touch and other characteristics.

Woven labels

Merchants using brand-printed woven labels on clothes can highlight the power of the brand and highlight the characteristics of clothing, making it easier for consumers to remember the merchant's brand and achieve better publicity.

The carefully designed woven label logo can not only beautify the decoration and main body of the clothing, but also have a very good anti-counterfeiting effect (a detailed description of the anti-counterfeiting after anti-counterfeiting). Suitable for high-end winter clothes, suits, summer clothes, women's clothing, toys, hats, etc.

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