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What Is The Principle Of Anti-Counterfeit Labels?

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Now many companies think of anti-counterfeiting as anti-counterfeiting labels. Few people have really thought about the essence of anti-counterfeiting. However, this problem is not clear, it will be dazzled by the various anti-counterfeiting solutions, and the final anti-counterfeiting solution may not be able to work.

Principle of anti-counterfeiting label

The principle of anti-counterfeiting is to use the power of consumers to discover and resist counterfeit goods (of course, some companies regard anti-counterfeiting as the basis for the identification and anti-counterfeiting of internal professionals, and this is not considered for the time being). With the help of consumers, in addition to anti-counterfeiting solutions and anti-cracking, which are emphasized by the industry, there is also a key issue that few people pay attention to: consumer participation rate. Only when consumers participate in verifying authenticity can anti-counterfeiting significance. Otherwise, no matter how perfect the anti-counterfeiting scheme is, it is also a display, and it will not play the role of anti-counterfeiting. Understand this key issue, and then evaluate the anti-counterfeiting solutions on the market, you will find that most anti-counterfeiting solutions are difficult for consumers to participate in. Let's talk about physical anti-counterfeiting first, all physical anti-counterfeiting that can be seen on the market requires complex identification capabilities to identify key anti-counterfeiting points. This means that the counterfeiter does not need to be exactly the same as the genuine anti-counterfeiting label, but only needs to be very similar. Furthermore, digital anti-counterfeiting, whether it is telephone code anti-counterfeiting or QR code anti-counterfeiting, has a fatal drawback, that is, the authenticity of the query platform cannot be ensured. Counterfeiters only need to forge a fake query phone or website, because most consumers consume People can’t remember the real phone number or URL, or even know how to check the website domain name.

Therefore, the key is that consumers can easily identify the true and false anti-counterfeiting query pages, or the true and false anti-counterfeiting marks, and it is difficult for counterfeiters to counterfeit. This is not an easy task. Only an excellent anti-counterfeiting solution can achieve the best balance.

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