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What Factors Affect The Price Of Custom Woven Labels?

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In our daily life, no matter what kind of product we buy, the price, quality, appearance and function of the product are the main factors we will consider first. Similarly, in the clothing accessories industry, many customers custom woven labels for clothing, said that the price of woven labels is too expensive, why others are not so expensive, and so on. Then what factors affect the price of woven labels, why are some expensive and some cheap? The following custom woven label manufacturer - Dehui will take everyone to understand:

The first is the material, the custom woven labels of different materials, the price is different, and the number of colors, the number of colors means that the processing is difficult, so the price will become higher, and the specifications and sizes of the woven labels, different specifications and sizes The price of the woven label is definitely different, and then the composition of the post-process, the composition of the post-process is different, the price is definitely different, and the last is the customer’s order volume, the order volume is small, the price is high, this is for sure, the order volume is large. The price is reduced.

The price of custom woven labels is mainly affected by the above aspects, but to be honest, you pay for what you pay for. If you want high-quality woven labels, low prices are definitely not possible, in order to ensure our quality. , You can consider increasing the cost of investment, so that skills guarantee quality, and can also stabilize the long-term cooperation relationship between customers. If you want to know more about weaving labels, please contact Dehui.

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