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What does category c mean on the clothes hang tag?

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There will be clothing hang labels on clothes, and some clothes will be marked with category c, so what is category c?

The category C on the clothes represents the safety classification of clothes. There are three main categories, namely the ABC three categories. Among them, category C clothes mainly refer to clothes that cannot be in direct contact with the skin. At the same time, category C is also a toxic substance. Most clothing should avoid direct contact with the skin, including coats and sweaters. In addition, category B is clothing that can be in direct contact with the skin, while category A is the title of clothing for infants and young children.

Class C clothes should not touch the skin as much as possible. Directly speaking, do not touch them, because the toxic substances in class C clothes are much higher than those in class B. Direct contact with the skin can easily cause dermatitis, etc. Fortunately, there is a piece of underwear inside which is the healthiest.

Dehui is a professional clothing hang tag manufacturer, offers custom hang tags and custom care labels. it is recommended that everyone try not to buy C-type clothes at all. If you do, you must wash them several times before wearing them.

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