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Wash Care Label Instructions

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custom care labels

Dehui is a care label manufacturer that provides washing care labels. We have more than 10 years of experience in this industry and can meet all your requirements. We provide competitive prices and good services, we have competitive prices and good services and accept custom care labels.

According to the Federal Trade Commission's laundry care labeling regulations, the laundry care label can be composed of words or words and icons. No matter the words or words and icons, the following order and usage should be followed:

1. Machine wash/hand wash

2.Washing temperature (high temperature/medium temperature/low temperature)

3. The washing water cycle (mild/non-iron/normal)

4. Rinsing (non-rinsable/non-chlorine rinse). If not marked, both chlorine bleach and non-chlorine bleach can be used.

5. Dry method (drying/high temperature/medium temperature/low temperature, hang dry, flat dry, drip dry)

6. Ironing (not ironing/low-temperature ironing/medium-temperature ironing/high-temperature ironing), if not marked, it does not need ironing

7. Warning (for the need to wash separately, wash before wearing, etc.)

8. Dry cleaning (circulation/solution)

In addition, the washing and care labels provided by manufacturers and retailers must meet:

1. Durable washing care labels must be easy to see. If the textiles are packaged and displayed

Or the user can’t see the content on the label. It should be washed on the outer packaging or tag.

Wash and care instructions.

2. The washing care label must be clearly visible and can be kept for a long time.

3. The label instructions for washing and care must be the most practical.

4. Warnings must be given for washing and care procedures that can damage clothes.

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