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The Steps Of Clothing Hang Tag Design

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DeHui is a professional custom clothing hang tag manufacturer in China. Many friends ask about the steps of tag design. Now I will introduce you to the relevant content of the steps of tag design

In fact, most of the hang tags are offset-printed paper products. There are also screen-printed plastic products. The principle of offset printing is relatively simple, but the quality of machinery and equipment directly affects the level of quality; paper processing is more flexible and can be processed in various ways, which can easily express the original soul of the designer.

The tag design should consider every step of the production: pattern (draft)-"plate making-"printing-"paper -" post-processing; about the plastic seal, also known as the plastic seal, or PVC seal, through the mold, high temperature shaping And other craftsmanship, the product is characterized by flexible expression and rich three-dimensional effect. It is a more prominent means of brand expression in recent years. About PVC LOGO: PVC LOGO uses the rich plasticity of artificial leather and various plastics, plus silk-screen printing and high-frequency hot pressing, to obtain soft and flexible shapes of various materials. Regarding reflective materials: reflective materials, using reflective lattice reflective paint to enhance the reflection effect of light, under strong light or night vision conditions, can make the markers stand out. About three-dimensional mark: three-dimensional mark, also known as phantom color mark. Using optical principles, the pattern is printed on the grating through up to eight times of printing, so that the pattern has a three-dimensional effect, or patterns of different levels can be seen from different angles. Even the plane signs move. Regarding hanging tablets, the injection molding process developed and applied specifically for clothing has a one-time use function and a strong brand appeal function.

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