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The Open-Minded Clothing Hang Tag Design Can Impress Customers

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DeHui is a leading custom clothing hang tags manufacturer, has many years of experience in clothing hang tag design. The design and printing of clothing tag are often very exquisite, and the connotation is also very wide.

The small clothing hang tag is not the size of a palm, it may be as small as a finger. However, the brand information carried on it can be described as all-encompassing, including introduction of materials, sizes, clothes and washing methods; conveying the brand design concept and production process; but more of the brand image is promoted on such a small carrier, that is, LOGO. So a good tag design will definitely add a touch of color to your packaging. Next, let’s talk to the editor of Zhitong Printing Factory to appreciate the special tag.

The bronzing, embossing and embossing techniques commonly used for brand clothing tags are simple and express a strong sense of superiority. Big-name companies can do this, and niche brands can also refer to it, or spend more time on the shape and craftsmanship of the tag.

Hang tags generally have holes, which are convenient for hanging on a rope. Most of them are square in shape and also have special shapes. The shape of this fishtail model gives people a fresh sea feel, and the bright colors also have a lively and relaxed feeling.

In recent years, countries have paid more and more attention to environmental protection, and the kraft paper material has well promoted the brand's emphasis on environmental protection and sustainability.

For complex and difficult explanations, consider using pictures and legends. For example, a picture of a well-known actress wearing the clothing product gives consumers an intuitive visual impact and strong feelings, which can further stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

For certain certification icons, it is helpful to reflect the quality and characteristics of the product, so that consumers can understand the clothing products they buy in more detail, and win the trust of consumers.

The tag is more than just a piece of cardboard with information on selling prices and maintenance guidelines. They can be extended to become a business card of a brand or even a shop sign. Investing time in the design and production of clothing tags is crucial in the highly competitive fashion industry. Even a small touch will make your brand different. Check out our clothing tag design page to learn more design cases. Make sure to choose someone who has a better understanding of your design and product to design your hangtag.

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