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The Material Of The Clothing Hang Tags

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Woven label manufacturers specialize in the production of clothing tags. Now let's learn about the commonly used materials for clothing hang tags.

Commonly used paper for clothing hang tags

Commonly used papers for tag are coated paper, white cardboard, black cardboard, kraft paper, pearl paper, special paper, etc. The conventional weight of tag paper is 250g, 300g, 350g, 400g, 600g, 700g, etc. The use of tags with different materials and thicknesses is also different.

300 grams of coated paper: similar to the thickness of a business card, suitable for thin and light tags such as children's wear, underwear, and summer clothes.

400 grams of coated paper: Slightly thicker than 300 grams of coated paper, stiffer, and can be made for free.

800 grams of coated paper: a little thicker than bank cards, the paper is relatively thick, you can make knife-shaped special-shaped free

Cotton card: paper cotton is soft, natural wood color, rough material, strongly convex and concave feeling, suitable for literary and ethnic clothes.

Pearlescent paper: A little silvery-white pearl under the light, which feels similar to pearls, showing high grade and nobleness.

White cardboard: The white cardboard is delicate and artistic, and the color is white. Suitable for literary fan and ethnic style tag.

Kraft paper: The color is yellowish-brown. Due to the light problem, the actual color of the hand is prevailing. It is suitable for some retro and denim products.

Black cardboard: Black cardboard is strong and thick, and it is very black. Suitable for bronzing and UV process applications.

The above are the more commonly used clothing hang tags materials. If you need to customize the tag, choose the material and thickness of the clothing tag based on the characteristics of the product.

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