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The Market For Woven Labels

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custom woven label

There are many applications of custom woven labels in daily life, especially in the clothing industry. These custom woven labels will be used a bit more. There is also a textile, or sports goods, toys, etc. These woven labels will be more Generally speaking, with the development of the times, the number of woven labels produced is continuously increasing, and the expansion speed is also fast. However, these woven labels can be reused, repeated application, and the effect is better!

Many people have realized the importance of clothing custom woven labels. In order to make clothing brands attract customers, they have made some unique, alternative and even weird designs for clothing woven labels, thinking that this will attract customers and impress customers. In fact, the design of clothing woven labels should be consistent with the style of clothes. It should be simple and clear. High-quality woven labels can better reflect the value of clothing brands.

High-quality custom woven labels require higher process requirements, but the output is low. There are also flat/satin surfaces, which are characterized by soft hand feeling. It is more suitable for high-end clothing products, such as fashion, suits, etc. It is used most by Japanese manufacturers who pay attention to quality, and the machine is also exquisite in Japan. Selvedge labels are generally used as satin labels, but the background color of satin is difficult to express. This problem is usually solved by ironing/dyeing. Selvage machines generally include wooden shuttle machines, and generally cannot exceed four colors; there are crochet machines and edge burning machines, which can also weave various craft qualities, and even add transparent polyester yarn to the warp.

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