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The Anatomy of Product Packaging

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Packaging has been the silent salesman of products since the 1930s. On the shelf, consumers look at the product through the package and begin to form an understanding of its quality and value. A good package emotionally engages consumers and allows them to imagine what they can do with the product. If successful, these emotions often translate into buying decisions.

Product packaging is carefully designed to go beyond emotional appeal and serve important functions to ensure the product provides a great experience after purchase. Some of the key features of product packaging are:


Efficient and quantitative distribution and consumption of products.

In order to protect the

To prevent the product from being stolen in transit or physical damage caused by shock, vibration or compression.

In order to protect the

And prolong shelf life by preventing contamination by microorganisms, air, water and biological changes.


And allow consumers to identify and identify the brand or product on display.

To promote

Draw consumers' attention to information that attracts them and influences their buying decisions.

To handle the

And allows logistics and business functions to be easily integrated with a variety of secure sales systems.

Wrapping properties

Product packaging consists of several cues that together present consumers with a clear value proposition that can influence their perception of product quality and influence their decisions. These important cues can be divided into four categories: the internal cues inherent in the product, the structural cues that define the physical attributes of the product, the external cues that define the external attributes of the product, and the transactional cues that allow for transaction.

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