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Selection principle of corrugated carton

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When choosing corrugated carton must first give attention to both the nature of the product, weight, storage and transportation conditions and circulation environment, second should be according to the shockproof packaging design principle and design method of corrugated carton design, also follow the relevant standards, such as export commodities packaging to meet the requirements of the international standard or foreign and to go through the relevant test,Therefore, the following two points should be paid attention to when corrugated carton packaging is selected.

The corrugated model of corrugated board

Corrugated models, according to the corrugated height is divided into A,B,C,E four categories, different mechanical properties of corrugated board is also different.A type of corrugated board plane pressure is the highest, the compressive strength is larger, B type is the opposite, C type of plane pressure, vertical pressure, parallel pressure and buffer force are better;Between the thickness of corrugated cardboard, A type is the largest, C type, B type again, E type is the smallest, because the thickness of small cardboard processing bending is easier, therefore, B type corrugated cardboard is widely used in the box of packing and shipping boxes with low compressive strength requirements.According to the different mechanical properties of corrugated board, single-sided corrugated carton with A or C type is the best, double-sided corrugated carton with A,B or B,C type combination is appropriate, close to the outer surface with B type, can play an impact resistance role.A,B type or B, C type combination, can improve the physical and mechanical properties of the carton;From the printing suitability comparison, B type and C type are good for printing.

The box shape of the corrugated carton

Under the premise of ensuring the quality of cartons, we should try our best to save the processing materials and packaging costs of cartons.For example, the carton with the same volume, the length: width: height is 2:1:2 when the most material saving, the proportion is 1:1:1 when the most material cost.Therefore, square boxes should be avoided as far as possible.Also take into account the product to the utilization of the box volume, the box to the utilization of the truck, the train compartment volume and the storage of the stacking stability.

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