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Related Information About Woven Label

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woven labels for clothing

Woven label, also known as woven labels for clothing, computer woven label. It can not only express the brand name, LOGO, connotation, but also product size, origin, composition and description, so it is widely used in clothing, shoes, hats, bags and home textiles. From the perspective of phrase structure, "woven mark" is a compound word, which can be understood as an abbreviation of "mechanical mark". "Mark" is the verbal term for "high standard" in Cantonese. Originally transliterated from the word "mark" in English.

Woven labels are mainly used for collar labels or other clothing and apparel. The process is similar to that of weaving. The feature is that the warp yarns are generally black or white, and the patterns and characters are composed of weft yarns. According to the production process, the woven label can be divided into two types: selvedge or trimmed. When the required trademark is woven according to the width at one time, it is called selvedge woven label. This process has low output but soft hand feel, which is more suitable for high-end apparel products. Selvedge machines generally include wooden shuttle machines and crochet machines. The trademark woven from the machine using the wooden shuttle machine is a complete one, the side of which is covered, the yarn is the same color from the beginning to the end, and it is connected together, and the hand feels very soft, but the production efficiency of the wooden shuttle machine It is lower, and the available colors are less than five. As for the crochet machine, the difference from the wooden shuttle machine is that one is a shuttle machine and the other is a knitting machine. The knitting weft yarn is tight and strong, and it is mostly used as a hot color mark, and the cost of the brand produced by the crochet machine is relatively high.

On the other hand, the edge-cut woven label is woven on a high-speed machine. The trademark is woven like a cloth, and then cut into strips according to the width of the label. Because of the heating and melting characteristics of polyester, the yarn will not fray sometimes, so the feel and appearance will be affected to a certain extent.

According to the textile technology, woven labels can be divided into flat and satin.

The plane woven label is like a cloth structure, which is made up of warp and weft interlaced up and down. Generally, the color of the warp yarn is fixed, and the weft yarn is used to express the pattern and color of the cloth label. General machines have restrictions on the type of weft yarn used, and the color expressed is also different. Limit, generally less than 8 types.

The warp density of the satin woven label is twice as high as that of the flat warp, and the woven fabric has a smooth texture and luster.

In order to express the details and colors more abundantly, all the wefts are doubled, which is called double-sided weaving, and if a certain color needs to be more three-dimensional, and a heavy yarn is added, it is called a heavy shuttle.

According to the purpose of the product, the woven label can be divided into size label, washing label, waist label, main label, side label, flag label, etc.

The names of woven labels are even more diverse. There are as many as six of woven labels, silk woven trademarks, trademark fabrics, trademark ribbons, and woven trademarks.

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