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Printing label and woven label difference

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Printing label and woven label difference

一、different  properties  

1.Woven label: Woven label is weave into clothes、pants,include text、letter、logo 





2.Printing label: The printing label also called label,wash label,it is the one of the operating type in printing dusty.Compare with offset printing it more simple.The label commonly use in garment,shoes,cap,underwear,quilt,and other daily supplies or textile.




The difference:Printing label relative to woven label,printing label is printing brand label,include wash label also called care label or water label,also contain size label or called size label is the certificate of clothes hang tag.

二、Difference of production mode

1. Woven label:Woven label is use the woven label machine,through fixed warp ,use weft weavers show text、pattern、letter、number、3D logo、color combine etc.

2.Printing label:Using film exposure resin plate to make its content in the form of laser engraving on the plate to form a concave and convex effect,then the content will convex out which need to printing.



三、Characteristics of different

1.Woven label: It has high-end,sharp lines,soft,washable,not easy fading,more top grade.But the capacity not high,.because woven label produce way is similar as woven

fabric produce way.Material:ribbon, plastic bag, cotton tape, polyester tap etc.

2.Printing label:Because it adopt printing way,so the colours are richer and the subjects more various、gorgeous,high resolution. Material:ribbon, cotton tape, woven tape, color cloth, cotton cloth, etc

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