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Oversea E-commerce | Amazon sellers will know the product packaging technique!

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1. Appropriate box size

Oversized boxes result in higher freight costs and waste of stuffing.A box of the right size can reduce collisions between items and boxes.Pick the right boxes and try different ways to pack your goods.

2. Use recycled material for packaging

Most people have the habit of re-using cartons, but never use cartons with cracks.Once there is a crack, the bearing strength of the carton will be reduced by 70%.Many businesses to save money by using recycled or poor quality cartons for packing, and often end up receiving bad reviews from buyers, or is returned or replaced, the final do not pay for the loss.After a long time of contact with the air, these decomposable packaging materials will decompose and destroy naturally in the end because of the relationship between temperature and humidity.And the repeated use of packaging paper and packaging foam will also reduce its resistance.Great care must be taken in selecting materials for recycling packaging.

3, choose good quality packaging material

Compared to polystyrene, which can only withstand a single impact, polyethylene and polyurethane materials have a relatively high strength.Because these materials are not only thin, strong, relatively less can be consumed to achieve the effect of packaging, so you can choose smaller boxes to pack and save freight.For items like ovens or televisions, be sure to use foam or styrofoam to prevent edges from clashing.

Fragile goods must be packed with polystyrene filled particles or bubble wrap.Double packaging can be used if necessary.If two goods are packed in one box at the same time, make sure there is enough space to add padding foam in the middle of the packed goods to avoid collision when moving.Finally, make sure the box is marked "Fragile" on the outside.

4. Gift-wrapping and holiday sales

Receiving a damaged item in transit is a frustrating experience for everyone, especially if it's a holiday or birthday gift.In different festivals, such as birthdays, anniversaries or special festivals like Christmas, businesses should pay more attention to the delivery of goods on time, but also pay more attention to the quality of goods when they receive the goods must be in good condition.So it's better to spend a little more effort to package the goods well, beautifully packaged.

5, packaging high-priced goods

You don't want to send out an expensive item that gets lost on the way.So use boxes that are at least 7x4x4 to send expensive jewelry, etc.Boxes that are too small are easy to be misplaced or forgotten during transportation.

6, adapt to a variety of packaging environment

There is a good chance that your package will be recklessly thrown onto a truck or container by a transport officer.So you have to design your own experiment, in any possible adverse conditions, such as temperature differences and humidity conditions, to test whether your packaging meets these conditions.No matter what product you send, make sure it's well packaged and waterproof.

7. Double check the address

The packaging slip can be printed from Amazon's Manage Order page.The address label is affixed to the outer layer of the carton, and the second packing slip is to be placed in the inner carton with the goods.

Confirming the correct shipping address is the most basic, but also the most error-prone.It is better to put a clear return address on the outer case.The address should be able to attach to or write directly on the outer box.It is better to use an oily pen to write.Mistakes are easier to spot and correct.This will also help you avoid the problem of a rain-blurred address, or a wrinkled label that is hard to read.

Amazon FBA Packaging Instructions

(1) Some of the packaging will make the product exposed goods, such as pillows or genuine cloth goods, baby and children's products, especially so, must be wrapped in plastic bags tightly, to ensure that in the process of transportation will not be stained with dust.After the packaging is completed, it must be sure that its barcode can be brushed. If not, it must be labeled ASIN separately.

② Fragile products need to be carefully protected, such as using bubble cloth.Pack tightly to make sure it doesn't bounce around in transit.The barcode must be visible without being taken apart.They also do impact tests (you can't break if you throw 5 times)

(3) liquid products must have two layers of sealing bottle mouth, if not to use plastic packaging, this will also be through impact test...

Everything must be wrapped up separately.Packs with seals, such as boxes of biscuits, also undergo impact tests.Sharp objects like knives don't show the sharp parts.Very small products (one inch to two inches) must be individually packaged.If it is a group sale, it must be clearly marked as a group sale!

⑤ All of the above packaging, make sure that its label can be scanned.

(6) The expiry date of the product must be printed on the place where Amazon personnel can see it. If the product needs to be wrapped with bubble cloth, it must be re-affixed with two labels, a barcode and a deadline label.In addition, many small products will be stored in large boxes. In this case, each product should have its own SKU and the boxes should not have any suspected bar code that can be scanned.

⑦ As long as it will make Amazon confused things should be avoided as far as possible to save homework time.If you're reusing a carton that you've used before you have to tear off or cover up all the barcodes that were on it to make sure that there's only one barcode on it. Same thing.Stacking or cargo must be neatly arranged and packed on a 48 "x48" wooden base and stacked no higher than 72 ".

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