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Note For Hang Tag Printing Design

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In daily printing work, we found that hang tag printing design often has various problems. In order to avoid errors and improve efficiency, we summarized the precautions for electromechanical hang tag printing design.

Note for hang tag printing design

1. Distance, the text (or picture) on the layout must be 3mm away from the cutting edge to avoid being cut during cutting. After the text is converted into a curve, please pay attention to whether there is any jump or overlap between the characters or lines. The text must be converted to a curve or outline. Do not use system characters. If they are used, there will be white nodes at the interlaced print strokes. If there are white nodes at the interlaced strokes, use the scattered instructions to process. Do not use overprinting for black text.

2. The printing color cannot be requested by the color that can be printed by the printer. The customer must refer to the percentage of the CMYK color spectrum to determine the design fill. At the same time, please note: CMYK chromatograms produced by different manufacturers are affected by the printing paper, printing ink type, printing pressure and other factors, and there will be some differences in the same color block.

3. When the tag printing factory prints different editions, the color will be different, and the chromatic aberration is normal within 10% (because the printing ink volume control will be different each time).

4. When designing the color matching of the color block, please try to avoid using a combination of dark colors or full-page colors to avoid back printing after printing. Due to the small amount of tag printing, ink spots occasionally appear in the same large area of color blocks on the front and back.

5. The shading of the tag or the color of the base map should not be less than 10%, otherwise it will not appear when the finished product is printed.

After avoiding the above problems, the production efficiency will be greatly improved. As one of hang tag manufacturers in China, Dehui serves more than 100 customers worldwide and is trustworthy.

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