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How To Re-Use The Removed Custom Hang Tags For Clothing?

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There are custom hang tags on the clothes we usually buy, such as clothes, shoes, hats, pants, bags, etc. With the improvement of living standards, people's desire to buy becomes stronger and stronger, and the things they buy at home are also increasing. Many people just throw away custom hang tags when they buy things back. In fact, hang tags have many magical uses. It would be a shame to throw them away directly. The following Junhao editor will take everyone to understand the magical effects of clothing hang tags:

Although it is the information age, most people still like to use their mobile phones to read directly, but there are still many book friends who are not used to reading e-books and are accustomed to paper books. Then our tag can be used as a bookmark. Remodeling can make custom hang tags into various shapes, so that we don't need to buy new bookmarks, but also make bookmarks look what we want, and it is also convenient for us to read.

I believe that many people still live in rented houses. The doors and locks of rented houses are very common. If we forget to bring the key, we can open it through the PVC clothing tag and insert it into the seam of the door. A clothing tag is placed in the bag, it does not take up any space, it is very convenient.

When we have collected a lot of various custom hang tags for clothing, we can combine and create clothing tags, which can be made into creative curtains or reminder notes, which is very convenient and beautiful.

In addition, when we usually stay in hotels, it is popular to plug in the card. Once we leave the hotel and go out, the power will be cut off. In the hot summer, we must keep the air conditioner on, and we can replace the room card with a clothing hang tag. The point of the room is always connected, is it very convenient?

If you have children at home, you can collect different custom clothing hang tags, take them to make handicrafts, and make toys to improve their creativity, and they can also use waste.

The above is the summary of the editor on how to use clothing tags for the second time. There are many other magical uses. I will not repeat them one by one. I believe many friends will have better ideas and want to learn more about clothing tags, please contact us.

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