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How to make garment hangtags

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We need to do some preparations before making the garment hang tags, tag paper, label printer, label printing software; we also need to understand the information contained on the clothing tag.

Not all custom printed hang tags are paper-based. What we need to prepare are the printed materials and carriers. Because in recent years, the tag design of many brands has been ingenious, not as a single paper hang tag before. We need to determine the material and size specifications of the custom tag in advance. It is not only a requirement for material procurement, but at the same time, we also need to prepare suitable printers and printing software according to different printing needs.

In addition to the standard paper hang tags, TPU labels and charm woven labels are also the design directions of many brand manufacturers. Different materials require different inks and printers. So we need to know this information before the order is executed.

The information in the tag must comply with relevant regional regulations. We are an international hang tag manufacturer, and we have many customers from all over the world. Different countries have different rigid regulations for related industries, so the printed content provided by customers must comply with local industry regulations.

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