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How To Make Custom Care Labels Not So Easy To Fade?

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The custom care labels are mainly used to mark the fabrics and washing methods of the clothing. Usually the car is at the side seam on the left side of the clothes. Since the clothes are integrated, the clothing care labels will be washed together every time the clothes are washed. We will It is found that the color of the clothing care labels will become very light after long-term washing, and some of them may not even be able to see the text on them. So is there any good way to make the clothing care labels not so easy to fade? Let's follow the care label manufacturer - Dehui to understand the relevant knowledge:

First of all, we have to start with the material. Different materials have different effects. After repeated tests by care label manufacturers, only tape-type clothing care labels with special resin ribbons can not fade under repeated washing. At the same time, tape-type washing water marks are also Currently, the most widely used material is ribbon-type clothing care labels. Although the text on the ribbon-type clothing care labels can be clearly printed, after repeated washing with water, the color becomes lighter and disappears in the end.

Therefore, whether the clothing care labels will fade depends mainly on the ribbon. There are many types of ribbons on the market, but the only truly washable ribbon is all-resin ribbon. With the tape-type washing water mark, custom care labels are not so easy to faded.

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