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How Is The Anti-Counterfeit Woven Label Made?

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The anti-counterfeit woven label is the use of a trademark machine to weave the "miniature text security thread" on the cloth label together. At the same time, the anti-counterfeit woven label can be made into a "warp anti-counterfeit woven label" or "weft anti-counterfeit woven label", usually anti-counterfeit custom woven labels are used on high-end clothing, and the overall look is beautiful and generous.

The specific production process of the anti-counterfeiting woven label: first design the micro-text, then engrave the micro-text into a "hot-stamping plate", use the hot-stamping technology to print the special micro-text on the transparent line, and finally rewind, so that the "mini-text anti-counterfeiting" Line" is completed. Then through the trademark machine in the process of weaving the label, the "microtext anti-counterfeiting thread" is woven together on the cloth label, so that the entire production process of the anti-counterfeiting woven label is completed.

Anti-counterfeit woven labels can better protect brands and prevent counterfeit and shoddy products. For manufacturers with independent brands, it is recommended to use anti-counterfeit custom woven labels. To learn more about woven label, please contact custom woven label manufacturer - Dehui.

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