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How Does The Woven Label Design Attract Consumers?

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Nowadays, many people think about the necessity of clothing woven labels so that well-known clothing brands can attract consumers, so they have made some personalized, distinctive and even weird design solutions for clothing woven labels. They think that they can attract. Lives in consumers and impresses consumers. In fact, it is not. The design scheme of clothing woven labels should be consistent with the design style of clothes and pants. It should be concise and clear. High-quality woven labels can better reflect the use value of well-known clothing brands. Below, Junhao web editor and everyone will learn how to make it. High-end woven label trademark.

High-quality woven label cloth labels must have higher processing technology regulations, but the production volume is lower. There are also floor plans/velvet fabrics, which are characterized by soft touch. It is more suitable for high school clothing and equipment, such as clothing, suits, etc. It is very quality-oriented Japanese manufacturers have the largest number, and the equipment is also the focus of Japan. Selvedge labels are generally made of velvet fabric labels, but the background color of velvet fabrics cannot be expressed. Common processing techniques such as ironing/dying agents can deal with this problem. Selvedge equipment generally includes wooden shuttle machines, and the color tones can generally not exceed four; there are also crochet machines, which can be knitted into various processing qualities, and even can add transparent polyester yarn to the bobbin, called fish. Silk crochet machine.

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