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Custom color box packaging refers to folding cartons and colored thin corrugated boxes made of three materials: plastic, cardboard and fine corrugated cardboard.


Lightweight, portable, extensive sources of raw materials, environmentally friendly, beautifully printed.


1. Color box packaging is more economical.

2. The color box packaging is more firm.

3. Color box packaging has more advertising effect.


1. Gravure printing, the ink color is full and three-dimensional. Among various color box printing methods, the printing quality is the best. And the quality is stable. Long printing plate life. Suitable for mass printing. Gravure printing can print extremely thin materials, such as paper less than 80g. However, gravure printing is complicated and expensive, and its benzene-containing ink pollutes the environment. These two issues have affected the development of gravure. In particular, the reduction of a large number of prints, and a large increase in the number of prints that require low prices for short runs at the same time, make gravure printing continue to lose the market.

2. Offset printing is mainly used for printing on paper materials. Sheet-fed offset printing machine color box printing format can be changed, more flexible. Offset presses continue to improve in printing functions. After improving and installing some parts, corrugated cardboard can be printed. After improvement and installation of UV drying device, UV printing can be printed.

3. The main advantage of flexo printing is that the equipment is simple in structure and easy to form a production line. The flexo printing machine has the simplest structure among the three major color box printing equipment of offset printing, concave printing and flexo printing. Therefore, the price of the flexo printing machine is relatively low, and the equipment investment of the color box printing enterprise is small. At the same time, because the equipment is simple, it is easy to use and operate, and is easy to maintain. At present, most flexo printing machines are connected with processing technologies such as tonic, glazing, cutting, slitting, die-cutting, creasing, perforating, and windowing to form a production line. Greatly improve labor productivity. Flexo printing can print almost all color box prints and use all substrates. Especially in the color box printing, the corrugated paper printing is unique here. Flexo printing currently uses water-based inks extensively. Non-toxic and non-polluting, it is good for protecting the environment, especially suitable for packaging color box printing.

Dehui is a professional color box manufacturer, with advanced packaging processing and testing equipment, rich experience in product development, and more advanced technology.

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