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TPU Heat-Transfer Clothing Labels: Make Your Brand Last

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You may not be able to pronounce "thermoplastic polyurethane label" (TPU label) easily. But you should understand what they are and how they can help your brand. The TPU industry itself is a huge industry, to be precise, it was 286.8 million USD in 2015. It is not expected that its growth will slow down anytime soon. Experts predict that by 2024, the TPU industry will expand to US $ 516.9 million.

Interestingly, TPU is mainly used in the automotive and construction industries. However, its characteristics make it attractive to apparel brands that use TPU to make labels. TPU has many benefits, and many brands incorporate customized TPU clothing labels into their designs. We see this trend most often in sportswear. In sportswear, the durability and flexibility of the TPU enable it to be maintained during heavy activities.

Use TPU tags to decorate assets

TPU labels are sometimes called transparent clothing labels. They are made of rubber-like materials that are not harmful to the skin. This rubber-like material is soft enough not to penetrate the skin. This is why it is considered an ideal choice for clothing labels.

TPU environmental protection

Obviously, the company must take responsibility for protecting the environment. The use of thermoplastic polyurethane to make environmental labels is a small but important step in accepting this responsibility. Carbamate is an easily recyclable material. And in terms of environment, it is easier to use than vinyl film or similar film. Without being too technical, carbamates are actually composed of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen, which are the most common elements in the world.

TPU tags are ideal for active wear

In terms of clothing, it is no accident that TPU labels are most commonly used as clothing labels for close-fitting or active wear. This is for several reasons. First of all, as we have already mentioned, TPU is comfortable on the skin. For individuals engaged in yoga, running, swimming or other such activities, comfort is a must. In addition to comfort, the chemical composition of TPU also enables it to cope with extreme conditions: for TPU labels, high heat and low heat are not a problem. TPU can also withstand high impact forces, which is another major benefit for creating sportswear labels.

The only team is dedicated to providing customers with unique clothing labels. We hope you are satisfied with any label that best suits your clothing brand. For all the reasons we mentioned, TPU is a popular material choice in clothing brands. In addition to these advantages, TPU is also flexible in terms of color and processing applications: it can be easily die cut, colored, painted or processed.

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