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Clothing Hang Tags Are Very Useful!

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Every time I buy clothes back, the tag hanging on the clothes

We are usually

Take the scissors off or pull them off!

But in fact this thing is still useful!


1. Receive headphones

Usually the headphone cord is always entangled, it is not easy to disassemble. Don't worry, the clothing hang tags can also store headphones! Find a hang tag, and open a hole in the middle of each of the three sides. First, plug the side into the opened one, pinch it by hand, and then wrap the following threads in the other two ports. Finally, just insert the two headphone heads into the line! It's so beautiful and tidy!


2. Clean the keyboard

Cut a piece of double-sided tape and stick it to the side of the clothing hang tags. The clothing hang tags with double-sided tape is inserted into the gap of the keyboard. Use it to dip it, you can effectively absorb the dust, debris and other dirty things inside. Come out, convenient and fast like swiping a card.


3. Clear gaps in the stove

Some gaps in life can also be cleaned with a clothing hang tag! For example, the gap on the edge of the stove is difficult to clean, and there will be a lot of dirt after a long time. We only need to take a tag and scratch it in the gap, and all the dirty things will come out!


4. Bookmark

Compared with e-books, many people who like to read physical books have to make a mark every time they read the book, so that they can read it next time. However, when you fold the book, there will be creases, and the clothing hang tag is short and thin, and there are ropes on it. It feels exactly like a bookmark, okay!


5. String together to make creative curtains

clothing hang tags can also be collected. When you are bored, you can make creative curtains. Just cut them into different shapes and connect them one by one with paper clips. When you apply your favorite colors, a unique curtain is created. Moreover, you can also write some of your own struggle goals, life philosophy, perception on the clothing hang tags, which is very interesting!

Clothing hang tags are very useful, using this small objects in life to add fun to our life.

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